The result of PISA


    All comments on the results of the PISA report on the teaching of the progressive State were unanimous in asserting that educational standards are among the very poor and dismal. Given this reality it is prudent to study the causes that have originated and then prepare the remedies to restore normalcy and raise standards of teaching.

   The results will always be negative if the assessment is made on contents that the students have not studied and not asked about some topics that have actually studied properly. We give an example: Suppose that students have studied a lot of Geography and little or no history. If they are examined on History will have bad scores whereas if they had assessed of geography their results would be better .

    Some countries like Finland and Korea have set their preference instrumental subjects (reading comprehension, writing and arithmetic) and curricular materials (Math, Language, Modern Language, Science, etc.). Other countries have put their efforts to teach citizenship education, sexual education and other matters of gender ideology. These students know little about how to perform sexual intercourse, using condoms, how to use the morning-after pill, and if the girls get pregnant, how to perform an abortion without informing parents. Of these materials and know a lot have devoted considerable time, while it has decreased, by pure logic, time and effort to the instrumental and curricular materials.

    If these boys and girls have had sex education had been considered out excellent, but the professionals were asked PISA reading comprehension, mathematics, language, science, etc. and necessarily the results have been disastrous.

    What remedies can be put to solve the problem? Then follow the example of Finland and other countries, focusing all efforts on issues considered important, both instrumental and curriculum and to minimize or eliminate the Education for citizenship, sex education (which corresponds to the parents) and other similar materials trying to manipulate the thinking and personality of students.

    When students can devote their time and effort to the subjects to be examined by PISA professionals, acquire culture, make up your personality and achieve academic standards as positive as the best countries.
   Arturo Ramo

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