A sand Castle

25 August, 2011

   A scene that is repeated every summer at the beach is a child building a sand castle with his bucket, his plastic shovel, the rake and over all with its hands. Perhaps on their way to the beach he was thinking about how it would be : with towers, battlements, doors, windows, a moat and an outer walls. With his intelligence and imagination he formed an idea, a project design. Then, on the beach, that design became a reality in reality and it was the admiration of his family and others who were walking on the beach and were amazed at the artwork. But this castle was not built alone. It took intelligence, design, hands, tools and a job excited. Read the rest of this entry »

The result of PISA

18 August, 2011

    All comments on the results of the PISA report on the teaching of the progressive State were unanimous in asserting that educational standards are among the very poor and dismal. Given this reality it is prudent to study the causes that have originated and then prepare the remedies to restore normalcy and raise standards of teaching. Read the rest of this entry »