A case of discrimination

   The generosity of an English family who already has four own children has led them also to be host to 15 children since 1992 and for this reason were praised at the time by English social services as people friendly and hospitable, that they will respond sensitive to the needs of children.

   After the interruption of some years they offer themselves as candidates in 2,007 but something had changed, because according to social services in the city of Derby, were said to them, they did not meet the eligibility conditions.

   The other reason was that, as practicing Christians, they could not have a positive view of homosexuality, and therefore they would not talk the children about that sexual trend.

    To be discriminated for being Pentecostal Christians, went to court, and ended up losing the case before the supreme court because the judges said, there is a conflict between the laws against religious discrimination, and against sexual orientation discrimination, and host families must take precedence those relating to sexual orientation, because they believe that religious motives are contrary to the interests of the child, because it could be “infected” by Christian ideas about sexual ethics. They were therefore excluded.

   One might ask whether it would follow the same argument in the case of a homosexual couple was excluded, on the grounds that it had not a positive view of religion, which could be detrimental to a child attracted by the faith.

   In any case, is always leaving the child injured, because if Christian morality is considered harmful to children and unacceptable to the State, how many years remain to pull out to Christian parents custody of their children?

   In fact what has happened in this statement is that the rights of homosexuals goes over freedom of conscience and freedom of expression and belief of each, because what can not, is to force have a positive position of the conduct or ideas of a minority group, as if the opposite would be an offence.

   Are we witnessing a modern secular inquisition? or perhaps a determined effort to force everyone to accept a new set of “orthodoxies”, failing to address social condemnation as heretics. The end result that the dictatorship of relativism is not a threat but a reality.

Elisabeth Costa
Independent Forum of Opinion

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