It’s a wonderful life

    This Christmas I have seen again one of the best films of the history of cinema “What a Wonderful Life. ” It has scenes colossal and a wonderfull end .

   Frank Capra was its director. Was of Italian origin and was believing and practicing Catholic. His film was accused in his day, by the influential writers of “Cahiers du Cinema” from maudlin of overly sweetened, and therefore despised.

   But today is considered one of the great geniuses of film and his masterpiece is : “What a Wonderful Life.” A true masterpiece. And why is it?. Let’s see.

   The film does not shirk the difficulties of life: the life of George Bailey, played by James Stewart, is a life of renunciation, waiver to travel and to remain the business of his father, then resigns to study at the university for his brother, and waiver to wedding trip because there is a threat of bankruptcy and he only has that money. Eventually the loss of $ 8,000 in the hands of his uncle leads him to despair. It all comes down. He is saved by the prayers of his wife, his children, his neighbours, his friends, and himself, when he in the railing of the bridge by which he wants to pull asked God for help. And God sent an angel … without wings. But what angel! I wish I, my guardian angel was so nice.

    The magic of the movie is that anyone can be George Bailey, although we are all George Bailey. We can all think that our life is worth nothing, and yet our life is wonderful. That is the title of the film in English: It’s a wonderful life!. And that is so: our life is wonderful, every minute, every second, from birth to death, although seemingly insignificant and absurd as it may seem.

    “Who saves a man, saved all mankind”, the Jews saved in “Schindler’s List”, write in a gold ring he was given at the end when they separate. Every good deed saves humanity. And I ask myself, what life is empty of good deeds? Therefore how can we deny the fetus the right to live? How can we think in “death with dignity” to mask the euthanasia? If “All lives are wonderful.”
Alejandro Pérez Benedicto


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