The novelty and the permanent

31 March, 2011

   Apparently, in postmodernist, the novelty seems to have better predicament than the ancient. You always find someone willing to pay attention to the latest novelty. The editorials edit every year thousands of new books and readers are going looking for the best-seller and the novelty, it is good for the publishing business, but is good for culture?, Is selected and read all what to buy?, it is established dialogue between author and reader?
It seems as if the reader-consumer is subjected to strength the last wind of the offer. The read is good for culture, but the novelty tells us very little about the why of things. If the past is not known, we can hardly know the present. Read the rest of this entry »

Gender violence and love by Paul

25 March, 2011
Gender violence

   On 25th November, celebrated the International Day Against Violence Against Women For this reason a municipality of a people known, has published a few strips in which under the figure of a woman sitting with her back naked, that read: “If I want me … do not cryme, do not insult me, do not control me, do not ignore me, do not isolate me, do not threaten me, do not hit me … love me. ” Read the rest of this entry »

Another brave new world

18 March, 2011

   Perhaps one of the reductionism of the modern world is that man has ceased to have respect for the human being, considering it as a thing. It has lost some of the optimism and hope in the future, and enemies are everywhere: the different, the color or poverty, even children scary us, and hamper the life. In third world countries is easier to find a contraceptive pill or a landmine, that a plate of food. Read the rest of this entry »

Abortion ans its aftermath

10 March, 2011

   In 2007, British actress Emma Beck 30, miscarried. She hanged himself, letting to their relatives a pathetic letter, ” Life is hell for me, I never should have aborted would have been a good mother. I want to be with my baby, she needs me more than anyone. ” Read the rest of this entry »

God and evil

4 March, 2011

   I have a friend who we met when we were young at one Center for Catholic Action. There we met boys and girls, we did tours, film forum, published a magazine, practiced works of mercy, etc . Read the rest of this entry »