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   While pluralism is the positive manifestation of the right to freedom, relativism represents an abuse of freedom that is created with arbitrary right to judge reality. When reality is not supported, intelligence can not recognize that things are as they are and have their own autonomy. The relativist refuses to recognize things as they are objectively and states that are subjectively what it may seem or should be.

   An example: what to Don Quixote were giants enemies, Sancho are windmills. In the same way, so to Sancho was a barber’s basin, to Don Quixote is the helmet of Mambrino. But the two characters can not be right, because the reality is not double.

    The dictatorship of relativism does not recognize anything as definitive and leaves as the ultimate measure one’s own ego and desire. Part of that all opinions are equal, even contradictory.

    The terrorist defends its right to kill, while the peaceful citizen abhors murder. “Both views are equally valuable? The same we can say about rights put forward by a Nazi and a Jew, and between a defender of abortion and a defender of life. Is it just as respectable a newspaper that a drug dealer? Do not sell a product and collect money? For both vendors, the individual right in his behavior were confirmed as positive and acceptable. The same could be said between driving sober and drunk driving and between living outside the law and the living inside.

    Relativism says there is no truth or falsehood. Both point of views are valid. Thus opens the door to the ‘anything goes’, where they can join the most insane and irrational.

    Relativistic politicians want to lead our lives and the life of society to his taste like the real creators of the world. In our advanced democratic culture is gaining strength through the principle that all opinions are equal, and therefore worth nothing in themselves but only in terms of votes that support them.

    It is said that they asked to a corrupt politician if stealing was an action ethically good or bad and he said: Nothing is good or bad, everything is relative. I personally if I am not caught stealing, is good because I have much money, but if I am found the crime, then stealing is wrong because I can put in jail. But you can blame the newspapers and television for having discovered the theft and acting for partisan purposes.

    If ethics were subjective, the terrorist, drug dealer, drunk driver, the corrupt politician and the violator may be acting ethically and could defend their actions as good.

    Relativism is probably the most serious disease of European society at present and considers the disease as health is the worst kind of dictatorship.
Arthur Ramo

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