24 February, 2011
Independent Forum of Opinion

   While pluralism is the positive manifestation of the right to freedom, relativism represents an abuse of freedom that is created with arbitrary right to judge reality. When reality is not supported, intelligence can not recognize that things are as they are and have their own autonomy. The relativist refuses to recognize things as they are objectively and states that are subjectively what it may seem or should be. Read the rest of this entry »

Who send in Marriage

17 February, 2011

    Several years ago, talking to a good friend, told me in a moment of the conversation:
-“You know well that a company should not have dual command, ie that two equal persons give order in it, because the criterion of a can prevail over the other, in case of discrepancy, otherwise very common in human relations. If conflict arises, the company is paralyzes, so this is a danger to life and competitiveness of the company .. Well, I have serious doubts about which of the two, husband or wife, must send in marriage, to avoid this dangerous duality of command in the government of every marriage, as a company of two people, but with special features. Read the rest of this entry »

Light thought

9 February, 2011

   We are living in a society that has became increasingly lower in calories, both in food as in thought. Not only have we passed from the stew and a good plate of beans to the salad slightly seasoned but we have also created rules that subordinate the personal decision to a government dictatorship. Read the rest of this entry »

What is marriage?

3 February, 2011

    Ordinarily, men and women throughout his life and especially in their youth, feel a strong impulse to share his life with another person, usually of the opposite sex. Thus, both seek companionship, affection, complementary psychological, help with their projects and dreams and also to the difficulties that life presents us all, and through the satisfaction of sexual union, bring children into the world. It is what is known as trend to the union marital that becomes more intense as they reach adulthood and grow in maturity and sense of responsibility. Read the rest of this entry »