The Morning-After Pill causes thrombosis

7 January, 2016



Edward Korman, judge of the Eastern District of New York, has decided that the morning-after pill (MAP) shall be delivered without a prescription to women of all ages in the United States. This court decision forces the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide, without any restriction, the morning after pill (MAP) and other so-called emergency contraceptives to be sold in North America.

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Every thirty seconds, there is an abortion in the U.S.

17 December, 2015


On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the case “Roe Vs. Wade “which allowed, since that sentence was mandatory by law, the legalization of abortion in the country. Since then, over 55 million children have been killed. The argentine Center for Bioethics Person and Family ( has issued a comment on the implications of the judgment and has proposed a revision of it, in the light of a study conducted by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has been released by the argentine agency AICA.

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Radical Feminism

3 December, 2015


One of the facts that characterize our time is the manipulation of language and the confusion of the concepts. Words are empty of its original meaning and take other new content.
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In defense of life

10 October, 2015


We are immersed in a macabre culture of death. However, Susan Anne Catherine, an American woman of 26 years, gave birth by cesarean to a two-month-premature baby girl in Richmond (Virginia). Susan died the next day.

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30 July, 2015


It is clear that if we want to get out of the crisis, it is not enough to be optimistic but we must also not to get discouraged and have value. I think there is a very important factor because many things depend on it: the quality of Work.

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18 July, 2015


Our mailboxes are full of supermarket offers. Our correspondence consists mainly of advertising and banking mail. Personal letters, friends and family letters are scarce. The receipt of a postal card – a greeting from the distance – has made me aware thatletters establish personal ties that break time and geography barriers.

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16 July, 2015


I think there are several problems as serious as the economic problems and the left gives them great importance.

I mean the invention that some followers of Marxism have made when sawthe failure of the class struggle. Now they try to turn it into what we call “gender struggle.”

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